CORINNE is growing as a brand and with that comes added responsibility. We’re still a small company, which means resources are more limited and thus, we require on-going reporting from our suppliers. We aspire to build longevity, traceability and transparency with our supply-chain.

One of CORINNE’s biggest Unique Selling Proposition’s (USP) regarding sustainability within the hair accessories segment is definitely the long lifetime of our products due to their high quality.

Sustainable progress is about running a business by being conscious about our impact and building engagement for our brand.


  • We strive for full transparency to be able to control the source.
  • Questions our suppliers need to answer:
    1. How often do they do an audit?
    2. Is the audit conducted internally or by an external third party? If external, what is the company?
    3. Can they send a certificate of the compliance?
    4. What international certifications do they have?


  • Our products have a long ”lifetime”, as they are made of very high quality, which leads to the customer using it as jewelry for many years (longevity).
  • Our leather comes from materials discarded by the food industry.


  • All of our packaging is handled through our CORINNE head office and we always reuse boxes and packing materials to reduce waste (recycle).

Some of our GOALS within the next 2 years:


  • We aspire to make our own audits in addition to external ones with a team of quality controllers/CSR experts. This is something that will become possible as the company grows and has that capacity.


  • 100% compostable packaging.


  • We will be able to work with 100% traceable, Swedish leather, which is naturally tanned.
  • We will use only recycled plastic.
  • As we increase our volume/sales, we will be able to add Acetate in our assortment.
    - Acetate is a premium material, and much preferred over regular, cheaper plastic. 
    - Acetate fabrics are made with spun filaments of cellulose taken from wood pulp.


  • We plan to reduce excess shipping and improve production planning to ship by boat.
  • The more we grow, the easier it will be to plan our deliveries during the year - we will become more efficient by making larger purchases and by coordinating our deliveries.